Friday, December 16, 2005

stolen and beloved

άνοιξα τα παράθυρα, τυχαία.κάποιος καίγεται απόψε και μύρισε όλη η πόλη αγάπη...
text: stolen by a bohemian terrorist who stole it from a delicate terrorist who you might suspect that can sing, foto: by monsieur yatabazah Posted by Picasa


It's Mary Collins!
how sweet she is....
commented by Blogger yatabazah, 1:16 pm  
(oh la la!

monsieur cannibal!)

mais oui, c'est mary collins....

φιλί, όμορφε
commented by Blogger discolata, 3:55 pm  
Σας μιλά κι εκείνη;
commented by Blogger Varetos, 6:15 pm  

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